We got leather

Were loving suede, leather and fringe. Vendor #57 has an amazing suede fringe jacket and #25 has an amazing leather fringe vest. All hanging on the west side of the store.

mod style make up

Complete your mod look with a lesson on how to get those twiggy eyes

Coachellas a week away

If you're last minute shopping for coachella we got plenty of cut offs, fringe and crochet tops in the store!


Is this you??? We have tons of photo booth pictures...and no ones claimed em!  If this is you please come pick up your adorable pictures

Bar owner

Asylum lounge, located in Vancouver WA visited house of vintage today to furnish their new bar!
Check out how their decorated the place http://theasylumlounge.com/

Have you stopped by yet?

Tons of new spring arrivals everyday! Lots of vendors have put racks outside. Have you checked it out yet?