Take Some Time, Write a Letter

We live in the age of blogs, cell phones, and twitter. Word travels faster than we can keep up. Take some hints from the slow media movement. Go back to 1985 and make a call to your grandma on a land line. Or rent a VHS for your non-cable ready television. Or how about taking it back to 1945 and type a letter to a friend. HOV has a ton of handsome antique typewriters for your slow media diet. Yummm....media.

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  1. Hello,

    I am a typewriter lover too.

    There is a remarkable collective experience that we have towards typing and a strong nostalgia for the typewriter, as a physical and emotional symbol of writing.

    I have been collecting 19th century typewriters for 20 years now (1880s & 1890s) and have been enthralled with them the whole way.

    There was an incredible variety of ingeniously designed typewriters from the 1880s & 1890s, with over 300 models coming forth from many industrialized countries by 1905.

    Please visit my website to see some of these extraordinary typing machines.


    All the best with your very neat store!

    Happy typing,
    Martin (Canada)