Vintage Camping Gear!

I tell you what, I am sick of boring camping gear. All of this new plastic stuff makes me wonder, could I ever find something a little bit more unique for my summer adventures?

Well, the answer people is yes. Yes, there is amazing gear for you to pick up at House of Vintage for your summer travels! Check out a couple of amazing must haves for this summer!

Vintage Cooler $35, Dealer #17

Old School Green Camping Chairs $12 each, Dealer #51

Vintage Coleman Cooler $22, Dealer #51


  1. OMG! I love that vintage look! It reminds me of the happier, less stressful times :) I also found one article that talks about DIY camping gear, so that you don't have to spend a fortune on camping gear but still have a blast! You can check it out here:

  2. Love those vintage things! My parents had exactly those when we were growing up and camping. I love looking at your photos and it made me nostalgic, no doubt about it! Now, I go camping with my boys and have managed to buy newer things to take to camp. Nothing beats top-notch equipments that are from trusted manufacturers. See this awesome site if you need to find the best camping gear in town. They provided the best reviews so we can choose wisely

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  5. It's not only the women who strut around in their '60s and '70s gear. The man can be cool, too, in disco shirts or '60s jacket. A pocket watch will add drama to their retro fashion statement, no fear here. Another thing - they can add a shine to their feet with platform shoes