Vintage Stamps!

Wow, I never knew about the exciting world of stamps until I went to a stamp fair this weekend in my search for something different for my wedding invitations. I was super surprised when I was easily able to find the most gorgeous sheets of stamps for 'face value' (a term I quickly learned-means if it says 10 cents it will cost you 10 cents-it is not a collectors stamp).

I shifted through hundreds of sheets of old stamps with my closet stamp collector friend Dawn. We even cried a couple tears of joy when we came across a beautiful sheet of Owl stamps. There were so many I liked that I had to leave behind. I ended up compiling 4 themes that I will use for the invites.

If you are having a vintage inspired wedding this summer, definitely head down to House Of Vintage find EVERYTHING you need. We have a ridiculous amount of dishes, napkins, decorations, dresses, jewelry, and so so much more!

To look though some awesome vintage stamps give my friend Bob a call. He has an amazing collection to view. To make an appoitnment call 877.303.0008

House is open 11-7 every day! Come visit us!

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